I wish I could tell you something interesting, but all I did today was going to school, work on my oral exam english, study and have a mini photoshoot with my brother.

H&M tee, Vero Moda jeans, DIY shoes

I have to go to a semi-formal thingie tonight. So I guess I'll just change the shirt and do something with my hair ( I hate the growing out fase it's currently going through).

I did the shoes for a wedding. I just had no shoes to wear and I thought this was perfect. I love the frays. The color matched the dress I was wearing that day perfectly.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ah, growing out hair is one of the meanest things!
    you still look lovely though and I love what you did with those shoes!


  2. @ Isa: It is. And the worst part is, that I know for sure that I get bored after having longer hair for 1/2 months. And decide that short is the way to go (again). Thank you so very much! The shoes got kinda killed in an accident, but fortunately you can't really tell. Only if you look close.