I've been in the mood for DIYing lately. But the thing is, I give priority to DIY in stead of doing homework and such. That's not good, or at least, that's what some think. Me on the other hand, I think it's way more important to do what I like than doing maths homework (or actually any form of homework).

The top I'm wearing is one of my less time consuming DIY's. But just look at it! It really adds something.Esprit jacket, DIY top, vintage belt, top worn as skirt, leggings, and I can't remember where the boots are from.

Now, about the title. This is what happened:
I was taking these photos, you know, standing very close to some sort of plant thingy. Little did I know that there was a nest hidden behind the green. And at the exact time the timer went of a birds flew out of it and scared the hell out of me.
This is the result:
It's okay to laugh. It made me laugh out loud as well.

It's time to do some sketches for school now and then go to sleep.

Au revoir.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. the top looks great, you gotta teach me how to do that ;) and I really like your header.

  2. its a really great DIY ..
    sometimes its good to do the things that make u happy and blow somestuff off :)

  3. @ C: Thank you so very much! It's actually one of the easiest things to do.
    @ Adrienne: Thank you!
    @ Damsels: Thanks :) I totally agree with you.

  4. I love the shredded top!
    you're really good