I have to admit that I may be a teensy tiny bit late with my favourites for resort 2010, but on the other hand we're still living in 2009. Plenty of time, right?
For the last few days I spent every single moment of spare time going through the collections, liking a lot of them.
That's a good excuse for a minor lack of posts, right?I absolutely loved (and even that's an understatement) this collection! I think every single piece of it. I even liked the turbans. This collection is just so drapey, and that usually means heaven to me.

I don't really know why this is one of my favourites, but just look at it. This collection has some casual clothes that really have something you can't quite point your finger at. There are some pieces that look rather DIYable as well, so maybe, when I happen to find some spare time (not going to happen before summer break)...

I'm a black lover. I just can't help it. If I got the chance I would even wear black during the summer. At least if that wouldn't make me melt out of my own skin. I love how sheer fabric is paired with usual fabric.
You've seen this collection all over the internet, I guess, but there's a reason for that! The collection isn't even black and I still adore it. Then you truly must have done something good. The shapes are absolutely gorgeous.

Sorry for the grey background, but that was because I was too damn lazy to erase the shadows.
Going back to black again, and lots of sheer pieces. That's the key to my heart. The round glasses look awesome as well, though I don't think they would on me.

Leather, pleather (who cares, all the same to me), sheerness. Do I need to say more? I so need to have some of those loose, sheer leggings (photo in the center).

This collection made me so happy. You see, even some bold colors! I think the skirts may be DIYable. It's going on my list, together with the model's abs.

And yet another collection that you've probably already seen. This is just gorgeous for the shapes, the simplicity, the colors, the unexpected little details.

I really have to get rich.

photos: style.com

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I adore Philip Lim's collection...Oh, if I had money...

  2. i love the simple drapery of the lim, great looks

  3. yigal azrouel + philip lim = love. they make absolutely perfect clothes :)


  4. Echt prachtige items zitten er tussen! <3

  5. @ Graceface: My thoughts exactly!
    @ Jayne: So pretty, right?
    @ Petite Esthète: I so totally agree with you.
    @ Posh: Ja hè? Zucht...