I actually wore a new DIY project. Unfortunately I live in the Netherlands. That means lots and lots of rain. Yes, seriously, on june 11th. It has been raining all week, actually. It's not making me happy at all. Because I got home soaking wet. And I'm not exaggerating. I don't know why non-Europeans think riding a bike is cool (okay, I'll admit, it's pretty damn cool and most of all very easy).

Since I had to go to the birthday of the girl next door (that sounds wrong, but she turned 9 today, so damn you if you have girl next door thoughts) I had to change. I chose something simple, something very comfortable. I had a busy day, today. Had to choose which photos I want to exhibit. That was a tough call, but I finally ordered the prints. I'll take my camera with me to the exhibition, so I can show you the result. I'm pretty curious myself, shitting my pants actually.

The clothes that I wore this morning/afternoon before the rain started coming down are still drying as we speak. Unbelievable, but I think I'll wear it tomorrow, but I'm not sure.

On a different note: Don't you think that belt is gorgeous? I do. It used to be my mom's. I wear it all the time, it makes every outfit so much more fashionable.

H&M longsleeve, vintage belt, Pilot top worn as skirt, leggings.

I'm going to DIY some more tomorrow!

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  1. that belt is very gorgeous its the first thing i noticed :)

  2. I love the 'skirt', really great!

  3. Super awesome belt (haha), it looks great with the skirt!

  4. beautiful belt, and i also like wearing tops as skirts so comfy.

    Thanks for your comment babe :)

    Meho xx

  5. @ Damsels: Thank you so very much! I think itthe belt is a lovely pick me up for every outfit.
    @ Jayne: Haha, thanks!
    @ Ann: Thank you very much!
    @ Lauren: Haha, thank you!
    @ Meho: Very comfortable, isn't it? You're welcome!
    @ Deep in Vogue: Thank you so very much!

  6. Greetings,
    You take my breath away.

    Best regards

  7. your so cute! i love the way you put yourself together : )