This is just a quick post. I could write a lot, I could write a whole book. The only thing is that I really don't want to at this time.
It's 2:11 AM and I can't wait to hear the lovely sound of my alarm tomorrow morning at 6.30 AM. I feel sorry for myself.

I thought I looked kind of cute in that photo. Don't you think? It took me ages to get a photo that was sort of decent. But hey, what do you expect when you had to do it with a ghetto tripod and no remote.

Zara top ; vintage necklace ; Warehouse jacket ; vintage belt ; top worn as skirt ; H&M tights.

Well, it's time to say goodnight.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. lovethat blazer .

    hmm at least you have a tripod missy .
    my stepdad took my pics today and all he kept doing was laughing .;)


  2. @ Adrienne: Thank you very much!
    @ Damsels: Thank you! Well, actually, it's not a tripod., I just build things or staple books or something and that's my ghetto tripod. Dads...

  3. hi rachel !
    ik ben nou al helemaal in love with your blog :D
    hoe doe je dat toch ?! :P
    mijne is een beetje mislukt hahaha (:
    dikke kussss.

  4. i particularly adore this style of yours! the blazer, the low waist belt and that earrings are a match :) love how the blazer fits you perfectly and yes, you do look cute!


  5. @ Janne: Die van jou is helemaal niet mislukt. Ik vind m cool :D
    @ Wendy: Thank you so much! They are, now I look at it, I didn't really think about it, just did it on intuition.