I spent a lot of money, friday. Or well, not really alot, but it is when you're just a poor student. I wanted to buy some shoes, ended up buying none (that is because I ran out of time before I even got to the shoes, my dad could only park his car for 1 1/2 hours).
I bought some great basics, that were pretty cheap at H&M.
I bought the black oversized top I was wearing today, I bought that one in white as well. Bought another basic white tee (only €2, so I really couldn't resist), bought the Roisin Murphy body for H&M, a LBD and 2 opaque tights. I really need to go back for some shoes, when I got some more time.
Going thrifting next saturday, so I hope I'll find some cool stuff.

H&M oversized tee, Vero Moda scarf, Warehouse blazer, DIY leggings, vintage booties.

I don't know if you already spotted it, but I also bought a remote for my camera. Going to buy a new lens as well, they were out of stock, last friday. Going to buy the 55-200.

As for today, I really had a busy day. Got up at 6,30 AM to finish a gift (2 costumized leggings, was in such a hurry, so couldn't take pictures. I hope she will send some to me when she wears them, cause I'm quite curious to see how they look), had to go to work at 7,30. Finished work at 13.00, went home, changed clothes, wrapped the gifts and went to a party of my friend. At 16,30 my dad picked me up and we drove to my aunt&uncle's house. They were throwing a party because they've been married for 40 years. Came home at 23.00 (or something).
That's why the photos don't have natural lighting, it was gone when I got home!

I guess this is a better photo of the DIY leggings. They've got studded knee patches.

I'm going to bed now, have to get up early tomorrow, because of a photography assignment/photoshoot. And after that I have to go to work (again). How lovely my life is.
I just have to keep reminding myself of the shoes that I can buy if I go to work, and the shoes I can't buy when I won't go to work. That seems to do the trick.


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  1. thank you :)
    btw, that green scarf is so fab-u-lous <3


  2. @ Jayne: Thank you! :D
    @ Fashion Chalet: Thank you so much!

  3. Ahh your leggings look amazing! Ive been meaning to stud the knees of some jeans for ages after being inspired by a Jak&Jill photo, and this has rekindled my desire to do so! =]

  4. @ She's dressing up: I was inspired by a Jak&Jill photo as well, so I guess it was the same photo. But well, I hardly ever wear jeans and don't fit in to skinny jeans I just studded some leggings.

  5. e leggings are awesome
    and love the entire look

  6. @ Damsels: thank you so very much!

  7. cool leggings!! oh btw. I might just have to steal that idea from U, sr :''D

  8. @ Janettaylor: Thank you! I just had to have it, such an amazing basic item.
    @ Jasmina: Thank you! Awesome, let me know when you're finished, curious to see them :)

  9. love the blazer :) and the leggings with knee studs are definitely one of a kind! iv never seen something like it before:)


  10. @ Wendy: Thank you so very much! I already got lots of compliments on the legging :)