Seriously crappy photos this time. I just don't like it when people are watching me taking self portraits. And well, everywhere I went I found some sort of person-ish creature.
I wore this to my aunts birthday dinner. It was pretty fun, but was kinda overdressed (as always, I think they're starting to get used to that by now).
Because the dress is too long to my liking I knotted it. Gives some volume as well.

I'm supposed to be studying, because my testweek is starting in a few hours. Makes me nervous thinking about it, but I just can't find concentration. So, if you've got some spare concentration, you know, somewhere in the back of your closet, please do send it to me! I'm going to need it.

vintage dress, vintage belt, H&M tights, six ring, broken necklace & safetypins as bracelet

2 opmerkingen:

  1. it looks good in a knot

    i dunno why but i like it

  2. Heel mooi gedragen
    apart maar toch leuk