I don't think I have anything interesting to tell. Went to school, got home, did homework (yes I did!) and went out to dinner with some friends.
Dinner was lovely. Hadn't seen them in quite some time. So it was good catching up.
When I rode back home I witnessed some kind of scary accident. I saw a car, lying upside down, glass everywhere. Not such a pretty sight. I don't like accidents.

Oh man. I forgot to pull down the waistband of the tights, so this is the effect. Not so pretty.

H&M aids body (by Roisin Murphy), Soho bra, H&M shorts, H&M tights, customized vintage shoes.
A close up of the shoes. I glued some sequins on the heels. I think it really brings back some life. It was this or throwing them away because the heels were ruined. But I liked them so much I didn't want to part with them.

Time to go to bed. I'm starting to fall asleep.

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  1. awesome shoes

    its fascinating how people often have to stop at the side of the road to view horrible car accidents, this always seems to happen during rush hour traffic too, but when you actually come across an accident on the side of the road randomly it really is horrible and too awful to look at

  2. love that the writing is behind the shirt

  3. whoa lady nice job with the shoes!!

    im a fellow diy-er, so im loving it

  4. @ Jayne: Thank you! Accidents happen too often, don't you think?
    @ Damsels: Me too :)
    @ Grace: Thanks! Going to check your blog out :) Always curious to see some other DIY stuff. And ofcourse check out stylish people.

  5. ayyyy, i think the sequins add a nice touch to your heels although in the picture it isn't so clear. anyhow, i also love your chandelier earings.

    visit mine, if you happen to like 'em, we can follow and comment each other :)