I wasn't made for summer. I just feel like melted ice cream or something. I don't know if you've every experienced dutch summers, but the humidity is unbelievable.
What I also don't like about summer is the clothes. I like black, I like lots and lots of layers. Well, they're both not that summery.

I went shopping last friday and bought trousers, skinny jeans, a tee and some short sleeved sweatshirt thingie. Very cool.
Talked with my dad today about going away for a weekend (somewhere early in august) and we're thinking about London. Definately looking forward.

H&M tee, H&M trousers.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een prachtige header heb je zeg!
    Mooie outfit ook.

  2. @ Damsels: Thanks!
    @ Robine: Dankjewel! En nog een keer bedankt ;-)