I wish I could tell you something interesting, but all I did today was going to school, work on my oral exam english, study and have a mini photoshoot with my brother.

H&M tee, Vero Moda jeans, DIY shoes

I have to go to a semi-formal thingie tonight. So I guess I'll just change the shirt and do something with my hair ( I hate the growing out fase it's currently going through).

I did the shoes for a wedding. I just had no shoes to wear and I thought this was perfect. I love the frays. The color matched the dress I was wearing that day perfectly.



I wasn't made for summer. I just feel like melted ice cream or something. I don't know if you've every experienced dutch summers, but the humidity is unbelievable.
What I also don't like about summer is the clothes. I like black, I like lots and lots of layers. Well, they're both not that summery.

I went shopping last friday and bought trousers, skinny jeans, a tee and some short sleeved sweatshirt thingie. Very cool.
Talked with my dad today about going away for a weekend (somewhere early in august) and we're thinking about London. Definately looking forward.

H&M tee, H&M trousers.



The outfit is nothing spectaculair. It was more of a I-want-to-sleep-as-long-as-I-can-outfit. I still only got about 3 to 4 hours of sleep, but that's more than I would've gotten if I would've tried to dress properly.
The countdown has started, vacation will almost start. Don't know if I really want it to. Because I'm afraid I'll be working for most of the time. And since it's not the most exciting job in the world it can get boring. But just think about all the lovely stuff I can buy if I work, right?

Yes or no dress - H&M leggings



I seriously thought he was immortal.

And yet another star has fallen. Farrah Fawcett died of cancer. Such a beautiful woman and the part that I hate most is that she was going to marry.



My days have been pretty busy lately. But that's okay. The only thing I really need to do more often is going to the gym, because obvioulsy two times a week isn't enough. And I wasn't planning on starving myself. I already cut sweets out of my life.
And seriously, I never thought I'd ever say this, but my legs look better than my belly in the photo below.

H&M tee, top worn as skirt, H&M tights, vintage booties.

I have no clue if you are interested, but this is how I looked yesterday night.
I felt very footloose.

Don't mind the gifts and the jacket over my shoulder.
It was too much fun!



It has been super busy, and it will be super busy. Not with exciting things though. I wish I had some cool events/trips to look forward to. Too bad my bankaccount doesn't allow me to.
Well, a trip to amsterdam maybe, but that's probably the furthest I can go.

I'll be busy with school until 8th of july. That doesn't mean I won't post anything though, just saying.
earrings were a gift, Warehouse jacket, thrifted sheer top, vintage belt, H&M jeans, necklace from wereldwinkel.

Close up of the necklace.

Tomorrow is going to be fun, a party with disco dress code. I don't have too much time to think about my outfit, but still. Dressing up is always nice.



I already told that last sunday I had an exhibition, right? Well, here's a photo of my work.
(Hint: Click for bigger).

The photomanipulation wiith the chair and umbrella has been sold two times. I only have to think of a price that's reasonable.
I promise to post a new outfit photo soon. I haven't been looking good though, just throwing something on in the morning.



I have to admit that I may be a teensy tiny bit late with my favourites for resort 2010, but on the other hand we're still living in 2009. Plenty of time, right?
For the last few days I spent every single moment of spare time going through the collections, liking a lot of them.
That's a good excuse for a minor lack of posts, right?I absolutely loved (and even that's an understatement) this collection! I think every single piece of it. I even liked the turbans. This collection is just so drapey, and that usually means heaven to me.

I don't really know why this is one of my favourites, but just look at it. This collection has some casual clothes that really have something you can't quite point your finger at. There are some pieces that look rather DIYable as well, so maybe, when I happen to find some spare time (not going to happen before summer break)...

I'm a black lover. I just can't help it. If I got the chance I would even wear black during the summer. At least if that wouldn't make me melt out of my own skin. I love how sheer fabric is paired with usual fabric.
You've seen this collection all over the internet, I guess, but there's a reason for that! The collection isn't even black and I still adore it. Then you truly must have done something good. The shapes are absolutely gorgeous.

Sorry for the grey background, but that was because I was too damn lazy to erase the shadows.
Going back to black again, and lots of sheer pieces. That's the key to my heart. The round glasses look awesome as well, though I don't think they would on me.

Leather, pleather (who cares, all the same to me), sheerness. Do I need to say more? I so need to have some of those loose, sheer leggings (photo in the center).

This collection made me so happy. You see, even some bold colors! I think the skirts may be DIYable. It's going on my list, together with the model's abs.

And yet another collection that you've probably already seen. This is just gorgeous for the shapes, the simplicity, the colors, the unexpected little details.

I really have to get rich.

photos: style.com



I need some motivation. Testweek is coming up and well, I really lack motivation. I've had it. I'tired. I don't want to.
Maybe I should go to bed early.

H&M dress, vintage belt, H&M tights, vintage shoes.



I don't think I have anything interesting to tell. Went to school, got home, did homework (yes I did!) and went out to dinner with some friends.
Dinner was lovely. Hadn't seen them in quite some time. So it was good catching up.
When I rode back home I witnessed some kind of scary accident. I saw a car, lying upside down, glass everywhere. Not such a pretty sight. I don't like accidents.

Oh man. I forgot to pull down the waistband of the tights, so this is the effect. Not so pretty.

H&M aids body (by Roisin Murphy), Soho bra, H&M shorts, H&M tights, customized vintage shoes.
A close up of the shoes. I glued some sequins on the heels. I think it really brings back some life. It was this or throwing them away because the heels were ruined. But I liked them so much I didn't want to part with them.

Time to go to bed. I'm starting to fall asleep.



I spent a lot of money, friday. Or well, not really alot, but it is when you're just a poor student. I wanted to buy some shoes, ended up buying none (that is because I ran out of time before I even got to the shoes, my dad could only park his car for 1 1/2 hours).
I bought some great basics, that were pretty cheap at H&M.
I bought the black oversized top I was wearing today, I bought that one in white as well. Bought another basic white tee (only €2, so I really couldn't resist), bought the Roisin Murphy body for H&M, a LBD and 2 opaque tights. I really need to go back for some shoes, when I got some more time.
Going thrifting next saturday, so I hope I'll find some cool stuff.

H&M oversized tee, Vero Moda scarf, Warehouse blazer, DIY leggings, vintage booties.

I don't know if you already spotted it, but I also bought a remote for my camera. Going to buy a new lens as well, they were out of stock, last friday. Going to buy the 55-200.

As for today, I really had a busy day. Got up at 6,30 AM to finish a gift (2 costumized leggings, was in such a hurry, so couldn't take pictures. I hope she will send some to me when she wears them, cause I'm quite curious to see how they look), had to go to work at 7,30. Finished work at 13.00, went home, changed clothes, wrapped the gifts and went to a party of my friend. At 16,30 my dad picked me up and we drove to my aunt&uncle's house. They were throwing a party because they've been married for 40 years. Came home at 23.00 (or something).
That's why the photos don't have natural lighting, it was gone when I got home!

I guess this is a better photo of the DIY leggings. They've got studded knee patches.

I'm going to bed now, have to get up early tomorrow, because of a photography assignment/photoshoot. And after that I have to go to work (again). How lovely my life is.
I just have to keep reminding myself of the shoes that I can buy if I go to work, and the shoes I can't buy when I won't go to work. That seems to do the trick.




I actually wore a new DIY project. Unfortunately I live in the Netherlands. That means lots and lots of rain. Yes, seriously, on june 11th. It has been raining all week, actually. It's not making me happy at all. Because I got home soaking wet. And I'm not exaggerating. I don't know why non-Europeans think riding a bike is cool (okay, I'll admit, it's pretty damn cool and most of all very easy).

Since I had to go to the birthday of the girl next door (that sounds wrong, but she turned 9 today, so damn you if you have girl next door thoughts) I had to change. I chose something simple, something very comfortable. I had a busy day, today. Had to choose which photos I want to exhibit. That was a tough call, but I finally ordered the prints. I'll take my camera with me to the exhibition, so I can show you the result. I'm pretty curious myself, shitting my pants actually.

The clothes that I wore this morning/afternoon before the rain started coming down are still drying as we speak. Unbelievable, but I think I'll wear it tomorrow, but I'm not sure.

On a different note: Don't you think that belt is gorgeous? I do. It used to be my mom's. I wear it all the time, it makes every outfit so much more fashionable.

H&M longsleeve, vintage belt, Pilot top worn as skirt, leggings.

I'm going to DIY some more tomorrow!



I hate the photos I took today. But it's better than nothing. Especially because I had only 10 minutes to take them. (And that includes cycling to the location shown below).
I had a lovely day today! I went bowling with some friends I hadn't seen for too long. Afterwards we decided we weren't in the mood for cooking so we went to a restaurant. Had a lovely lasagna vegetariana. Afterwards we played risk, and they totally killed me ofcourse.

H&M longsleeve, vintage blouse worn as skirt, leggings, boots (can't remember where I got them from).

I promise to take better photos tomorrow. And write a more interesting post.



Start the drumrolls please!
Here's the DIY project I know you've all been waiting for.

It's just too simple for words. Just cut some holes in a shirt and sew some fabric on the inside. Look how cool it is!
Got loads in compliments on it. Some dull "hey, you've got holes in your longsleeve"-comments as well, but not as many. I just really love it. I have to machine stitch them once, though, because the handstitches aren't holding too well with the sheer fabric.

Back to the part where I was ranting about the "you've got holes in your shirt"-comments. I hate it when people make comments when you're not wearing your ordinary jeans and tee. Don't you just hate that? Come on people, it just boring to look like every other person on the planet.

wearing: DIY top, Bijenkorf bra, H&M skirt, grandpa's hat.

P.s. I don't know if you can tell, but the lace bra looks so good with this top!



Today was just another, somewhat boring, day. Or at least, school was pretty boring. You'd think that my teachers would actually have something to teach us, but we're just doing nothing in stead. Wasted time.

When I got home I started a new DIY project to cheer myself up. Here's a little hint: Longsleeve, holes, sheer fabric. Don't you think that sounds fabulous?

There are also going to be some tights DIYs in the near future.

Photo from complexgeometries.myshopify.com

I've been lusting, drooling actually, after a complex geometries top. It's so dynamic. A classic for sure. A must have. Too bad I must have a lot of money on my bank account to purchase one. Dream on, Rachel. Maybe one day.
I wouldn't mind getting these as a gift though (hint hint, any rich readers?)

Zu elements dress, H&M tights, H&M top, customized vintage booties. And a lot of old necklaces.

Time to finish my homework now and maybe finishing my DIY project. (It doesn't take long to know that it's probably the other way around: 'Time to finish my DIY project en maybe finishing my homework')



I've been in the mood for DIYing lately. But the thing is, I give priority to DIY in stead of doing homework and such. That's not good, or at least, that's what some think. Me on the other hand, I think it's way more important to do what I like than doing maths homework (or actually any form of homework).

The top I'm wearing is one of my less time consuming DIY's. But just look at it! It really adds something.Esprit jacket, DIY top, vintage belt, top worn as skirt, leggings, and I can't remember where the boots are from.

Now, about the title. This is what happened:
I was taking these photos, you know, standing very close to some sort of plant thingy. Little did I know that there was a nest hidden behind the green. And at the exact time the timer went of a birds flew out of it and scared the hell out of me.
This is the result:
It's okay to laugh. It made me laugh out loud as well.

It's time to do some sketches for school now and then go to sleep.

Au revoir.



For some reason I always seem to be the only one who appreciates the "bad" weather. Well, I rather have overcast skies and not so high temperatures then heatwaves.
Heatwaves do me no good, I always feel like roasted chicken. Yes, this is the part where you should be imagining a running chicken that's on fire.
Get it?
Well, that's how I feel during summer.

The few days of sunshine we had were fine, but I just couldn't figure out what to wear. I guess I'm just all about layering. It may has to do with my short hair complex. Not that I hate it, I like it during the winter, but summers are for long hair. You know, that hair has to compensate the lack of layers.

Supportshirt by Aziz, H&M XXL knit, vintage belt, H&M jeans.

Thank God only one week until I can shop again.