I went thrifting for Florine to look around for some things we could use for our clothing collection. We also bought some things we really didn't need but thought were too cool not to buy.
The only thing that's at my home is the top shown in the photo, the rest is still at Florine's. We really liked the fabric of the top, and thought it could be useful in some way.
We also bought the greatest teddy/body ever. It's white silk with some white lace. And that for only €1,50.

I haven't really been bothered to dress interesting, lately. But I will soon, I guess.

Here are some of my sketches. I don't know if I already told you, but the collection is going to be inspired on paintings.

P.s. Sorry for the bad quality of the right photo. Webcam.



Feeling a little sick. So I made a really sucky wannabe photomanipulation. It's nowhere near completed, though.



It has been a long time since I uploaded an outfit photo. So I figured it was about time. I'm sorry for the ugly flash photos, but it was dark already.
I had a lovely BBQ with my cousins today. I really enjoyed it! I'm so grateful that my family is at least kinda close, especially because it's such a big family.

H&M dress, leggings, slouchy booties (which you can't see).



I ordered the brilliant, way too cool six hands tee from Nikicio. I just fell in love when I saw it. And the best thing was: it was on sale.
Just let the photos speak for themselves:

I can't get over how versatile the tee is. That's just my cuppa tea.
I hope it wil be delivered today!

Photos are from www.froufrous.nl, where I ordered this beauty.


Siamese twins.

I was just playing around with the webcam. It's too rainy outside to take outfit photos. Sorry!



This post is going to be incredibly image fat!
I had a lovely day with my classmates, you know, to end this year.
I had so much fun. And it's also the reason why I didn't take any outfit photos.

P.s. I'm sorry the photos are from evening to earlier the day, but I'm too lazy to shuffle them around so that they're in the right order.

Florine & Jaap. I'm going to design a clothing line with Florine for school. It's going to be inspired by famous paintings.

L - R: Florine, Stijn, Nygel, Bas. And Lisa is the one that's chillin'.

Florine and Lisa. I love Lisa's imagination. She always starts a phrase with "what if" followed by something that doesn't make sense at all. Wanna know what she said here? She was like "What if you looked out of the window and saw a Chinese man walking like this in your garden?". I told ya, doesn't make sense at all, but incredibly funny.

Nygel, Lisa's boyfriend. I love his green eyes. And his eyelashes are longer than mine.

Stijn in action.

Me, Vince and Lisa. As you can see my outfit wasn't even photo-worthy. Jut a white tee and my brothers old jeans that I cut off.

L - R: Me, Willem, Stijn, Nygel.

And Lisa again. She's so going to model for me one day!



This is what I was wearing last friday. I'm sorry I'm so late uploading this, but I've been busy. Had to work yesterday and went to a musical, so been busy from 9 AM to 3 AM (Yes, that's long).
I had already seen the musical, but I just love theatre, can't help it.
As a little girl I always wanted to be in musicals. Always singing along to Annie and stuff. I still wish I could, but I'm a little bit more realistic now and know that that's never going to happen.

Zu elements dress worn as top, H&M skirt, H&M tights, knee highs, boots, african mask.
I didn't take any outfit photos yesterday. But I was wearing the same top, skinny jeans and my cut off vintage boots. Not really all that exciting.
Now I'm off thinking about maybe doing/making something. Feeling inspired, but too tired to do anything.



Unfortunately no new shoes for me. I passed this year, but no good grade for maths. I don't get your gradessystem, so I'm just going to explain ours. Very easy, grades go from 1 - 10. 1 is really, really bad, 10 is the best you can get. Easy right?
I've got a 5 for maths. My best grade was a 8,7 for art.
I didn't have time & not enough light to take a photo of it, because I only finished it the night before at 4 AM.

Went to school early today to view photos of my teachers marriage. Loved the photos. I would love to shoot a wedding someday.

You know, I think of my life often as quite boring. But I can't complain. I mean, it's not very exciting. But I've got lots of people who love me and I'm able to love them back. So, I really can't complain. Although I know I will, sometimes.

H&M longsleeve, Warehouse bubbleskirt, H&M tights, DIY top worn as scarf.

Another song that makes me pretty happy:

ziddu.com-Watch Video zeeavi-bitter_heart.mp3

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I'm done with tests week. Totally exhausted now (as you can probably tell from the bags).
I had a short night. Had to finish my painting, finished around 4 AM. Got up at 7.30 to study philosophy. Screwed up that test. The only thing I could remember was that I read it, and I knew where I read it, but couldn't remember exactly what I read.

I'm kind of nervous about school. You know, when I started the exams I had pretty good grades over all, but I'm so scared that I screwed up every test and won't pass this year. That would suck. And that is a euphemism.
Going to some friends now.

DIY dress worn as top, Vero Moda jeans, vintage boots, Warehouse jacket.



I'm so lusting over some items.

Cinnamon Eve dedicated a whole post to some great stores.
I'm seriously, seriously lusting over Paraphernalia, here's why:

Absolutely fantastic isn't it?

I really can't pick one favourite piece from This Charming girl, so I'm just going to show some random picks, because I love every single piece. It's like heaven.

Now go and give them some loving! I'm still waiting for my salary.


Surprise, surprise.
I'm back. I wonder how long it'll last, since this computer has crashed two times in the last month or so.

I really hope I didn't screw up maths as much as I think I did. I want shoes, but hey, I've gotta earn them.

I love butterflies, but this was the best shot I could get, because it flew away everytime I tried coming closer. I love their colors and patterns. Very inspirational.

? dress (got it from a sample sale, but I cut the label out of the dress), vintage belt, earrings were a gift, vintage booties.

I'm so happy I'm almost done with exams. And I'm glad the computer decided to start working again.

P.s. I want something different with my hair, not like now or next week, but it's getting boring again. So if you've got any ideas, they're more than welcome!



Just a quick post to say that my computer won't start anymore! So, that means less posts. And probably no outfit posts until it's fixed.

In the mean time, a song that makes me happy:

Carla Bruni - Fernande

P.s. I have no idea why you can't comment on this post.



H&M tee, top worn as skirt, H&M tights, vintage shoes, Hema shades.

My first test went pretty good. Oral exam english.
I promised myself that if I end this year with good grades, I can buy myself some new shoes. I'm in need of some high heels. A little extra glamour is never wrong.

Now back to studying about Versailles.


Seriously crappy photos this time. I just don't like it when people are watching me taking self portraits. And well, everywhere I went I found some sort of person-ish creature.
I wore this to my aunts birthday dinner. It was pretty fun, but was kinda overdressed (as always, I think they're starting to get used to that by now).
Because the dress is too long to my liking I knotted it. Gives some volume as well.

I'm supposed to be studying, because my testweek is starting in a few hours. Makes me nervous thinking about it, but I just can't find concentration. So, if you've got some spare concentration, you know, somewhere in the back of your closet, please do send it to me! I'm going to need it.

vintage dress, vintage belt, H&M tights, six ring, broken necklace & safetypins as bracelet