I wore a pretty risque outfit today. And that is exactly the reason why I changed in to something different for the evening.

This is what I wore during the day:

sutherland blouse, thrifted see through top, brandless top worn as skirt, H&M leggings, etro shoes, earring from german artmarket.

Sorry for the messy room, but I just love making a mess of things. And I'm sure you all love to see my underwear drawer.

As I said I wore something different for the evening. That was because we had a kinda formal thing. Me and some friends raised money for Duchenne Heroes and that's what the evening was dedicated to. I thought see through just wasn't an option.

Here's what I wore:

H&M top, H&M flower, H&M legging, DIY shoes.

That girl you see is Simone. We've been friends since she's lived in Holland. Our parents know each other and that's how we met. We went to the same kindergarten, the same primary school, same high school.

On to something completely different. Did you know I used to have spanish as a subject at school? Well, it's been almost 3 years ago and I still regret not having it anymore.
The reason I brought this up is because I was watching "De spaanse droom" (The Spanish dream) yesterday. It's a dutch show in which 6 couples compete to win a bed&breakfast in Spain. They have to work together to renovate the old building. Anyway, I saw them all struggling with the spanish (well, all of them except for one or two couples) and I couldn't help but get this thought: "If you want to have a B&B in spain, and you've wanted it for a few years already, then why the hell didn't you take spanish class?"

That night I read some of my old spanish readers and decided I should study it again.

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  1. black fits for you really adorable! ^^


  2. very cute outfit and the shoes are gorgeous!

  3. Hey little darling,
    thanks so much for your wonderful comment.
    I'm so sorry to read that you've lost your mother.
    What a huge loss...
    I'm trying to visit my sister's grave two times a month, because I can't manage to go there more often. First it's not close to the place I'm living plus I don't feel so strong to go more often.
    You don't have to feel guilty about not visiting the grave of your mom often. The most important thing is the love in your heart and to think of her how wonderful she was. I'm sure our beloved are with us in a way. Of course they're always in our mind and in our heart.

    You are a very wonderful, funny, charming, talented and warmhearted girl and I'm happy to become known of you. Thanks so much for sharing!

    HEY - you don't need to send me something in return!!!!! You can invite me to a coffee when we'll meet up one fine day in Amsterdam or some other fab place - next time I'll try to manage it when you're coming to Berlin and we can go sight-sseing and for a shopping spree!!

    Wishing you a relaxing and sunny weekend, you holyguacamole swetheart :)

    much love, sofie

  4. OH - PS:
    Forgot to mention - The ETRO's are looking HOT HOT HOT on you! Perfect black outfit! :-D

  5. I love your blog missy!!! And wow, so cool about that girl Simone. LONG time to be friend!

  6. I love your shoes! They're fab :)

    (Blog answer) Thanks for the blog comment. Spot on! The ears are very cute ^^,

  7. i love the schoes you look like you have lots of fun! me=jealous :)