Holysmokes. I'm packing for Lowlands. I feel like I'm forgetting everything and I've got to go to work in 30 minutes.
Maybe I'll photograph the outfits I'm taking with me tonight, depends on how much time I've got left.

Bye Bye!

P.s. Lowlands is a festival in the Netherlands. And it's going to be hoottttt.
P.p.s. All this stress is caused by the fact that I will leave for lowlands tomorrow at 9 AM. And since I have to work till 6 PM today that means that the stores will be closed.

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  1. Hey gorgoeus,
    how was the weekend??? :)
    YAY - I'm glad that the shoes have arrived - and that you like them! Will you do an outfit post?? Puhlease??:-D So the size is working fine?
    Wishing you a fantastic + pleasant new week!
    xoxo sofie