I still have to change the colors of the left one, but it is inspired on Schiele's 'prozession'. It's patchworky, prefarably in seethrough fabric. I'm thinking about just dyeing tights and use those.

The centered and right sketch are actually the same dress, but at the right worn upside down. (I still have to figure out something about the gap you'll have between your legs. Maybe really sparkly, sequined biker shorts or something?)

The left and right sketch were inspired on Edgar Degas' 'woman at her toilette'. The right one is what you get when you wear the strings as a halter.

The centered one is inspired by 'Senecio' from Paul Klee. As you can see, I haven't finished that one, but that's because I'm not happy with what I've got so far.

Here's a better photo of the sketches based on Jackson Pollocks 'Lavender mist: number one'.

The left sketch is based on Frida Kahlo's 'the broken column' (alias 'la columna rota').

I really like the Pollock sketches and the Degas sketches I showed you before.

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  1. I like these sketches very much. Great job.

  2. Hey dear,
    how was your weekend?
    I love the artists you've been inspired by - your drawings are just fabulous!!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!
    xoxo, Sofie