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It's very important that you can feel the vibe. I like walking around barefeet, and I know it looks ridiculous sometimes, so be it.

tops unknown, scarf/vest was a gift, dad bought it at a craftfair.
This was just casual. Honestly, I didn't really bother dressing nicely because I had to change anyway because I had to work at 7PM. And because I didn't really leave the house, only to do some groceries for my very belated birthday party. I wore the vest with a belt outside, so it looked more like a dress.
Have I ever told you that I really like versatile things?
So long for now.

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  1. Hey sweetie,
    we have somthin' in common, we have somthin' in common... I just LOVE to go barefeet, too. It's maybe one of the best things about Summer.
    The vest looks stunning, it's a real eyecatcher and suits you beautiful!

  2. ps: thanks for sharing! smashing song!!! :-D