I'm done with tests week. Totally exhausted now (as you can probably tell from the bags).
I had a short night. Had to finish my painting, finished around 4 AM. Got up at 7.30 to study philosophy. Screwed up that test. The only thing I could remember was that I read it, and I knew where I read it, but couldn't remember exactly what I read.

I'm kind of nervous about school. You know, when I started the exams I had pretty good grades over all, but I'm so scared that I screwed up every test and won't pass this year. That would suck. And that is a euphemism.
Going to some friends now.

DIY dress worn as top, Vero Moda jeans, vintage boots, Warehouse jacket.

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  1. I love the middle look with the jacket, cool shoes as well!

    thanks for your comment <3


  2. @ Fashion chalet: Thank you very much! No problem ;-)