Unfortunately no new shoes for me. I passed this year, but no good grade for maths. I don't get your gradessystem, so I'm just going to explain ours. Very easy, grades go from 1 - 10. 1 is really, really bad, 10 is the best you can get. Easy right?
I've got a 5 for maths. My best grade was a 8,7 for art.
I didn't have time & not enough light to take a photo of it, because I only finished it the night before at 4 AM.

Went to school early today to view photos of my teachers marriage. Loved the photos. I would love to shoot a wedding someday.

You know, I think of my life often as quite boring. But I can't complain. I mean, it's not very exciting. But I've got lots of people who love me and I'm able to love them back. So, I really can't complain. Although I know I will, sometimes.

H&M longsleeve, Warehouse bubbleskirt, H&M tights, DIY top worn as scarf.

Another song that makes me pretty happy:

ziddu.com-Watch Video zeeavi-bitter_heart.mp3

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  1. tihs is a very interesting scarf youhave. i thougt it was supposed to be a necklace. like astatemment necklace and ireally like the idea of it as one so im gonna make pretend its a necklace :)

  2. @ Damsels: Well, I wore it kind of as a necklace as well. Thank you very much :)