This post is going to be incredibly image fat!
I had a lovely day with my classmates, you know, to end this year.
I had so much fun. And it's also the reason why I didn't take any outfit photos.

P.s. I'm sorry the photos are from evening to earlier the day, but I'm too lazy to shuffle them around so that they're in the right order.

Florine & Jaap. I'm going to design a clothing line with Florine for school. It's going to be inspired by famous paintings.

L - R: Florine, Stijn, Nygel, Bas. And Lisa is the one that's chillin'.

Florine and Lisa. I love Lisa's imagination. She always starts a phrase with "what if" followed by something that doesn't make sense at all. Wanna know what she said here? She was like "What if you looked out of the window and saw a Chinese man walking like this in your garden?". I told ya, doesn't make sense at all, but incredibly funny.

Nygel, Lisa's boyfriend. I love his green eyes. And his eyelashes are longer than mine.

Stijn in action.

Me, Vince and Lisa. As you can see my outfit wasn't even photo-worthy. Jut a white tee and my brothers old jeans that I cut off.

L - R: Me, Willem, Stijn, Nygel.

And Lisa again. She's so going to model for me one day!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. your day just reminds me of days i've had with my friends :) x

  2. Lovely candid photos. The light is beautiful, too. You guys look like you're having a genuinely fun time.

  3. @ Mademoiselle Frou-Frou: It was! So much fun
    @ Laura: Aren't days like these the best?
    @ Dream Sequins: Thank you. The light was gorgeous! And yes, we were. Had a lovely day.