Surprise, surprise.
I'm back. I wonder how long it'll last, since this computer has crashed two times in the last month or so.

I really hope I didn't screw up maths as much as I think I did. I want shoes, but hey, I've gotta earn them.

I love butterflies, but this was the best shot I could get, because it flew away everytime I tried coming closer. I love their colors and patterns. Very inspirational.

? dress (got it from a sample sale, but I cut the label out of the dress), vintage belt, earrings were a gift, vintage booties.

I'm so happy I'm almost done with exams. And I'm glad the computer decided to start working again.

P.s. I want something different with my hair, not like now or next week, but it's getting boring again. So if you've got any ideas, they're more than welcome!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. i love the neck on that dress, cool detailing

  2. @ jayne: Thanks! I like the neck as well, and the sleeves too. Those are the reasons I bought the dress.