I know it's been ages ago since I posted an outfit photo, so here's one for you! I wore this today, but took the photo last night when I was picking my outfit.
I'm sorry for the crappy photo, but it was dark, I lost my remote (found it again!) and well, it's too god damn rainy outside.

Zu+elements dress worn as vest, Warehouse dress.

I decided that I shouldn't wear so much H&M. Because well, the quality isn't superb, everyone's wearing it and that should be reason enough to not own too many H&M items. I should invest more in pretty clothing, so know I'm addicted to marktplaats (dutch ebay lookalike) in the hope I'll find some really cheap, pretty clothing.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Are those knee-high boots? Whatever they are, I love the look. The colors are all so smoky - perfection! :)

  2. oh yes, i feel the same way, but i always find myself back at h&m. they're sneaky like that.

  3. leukleukleeuukk
    de mensen hierboven hebben gelijk :D