I realise that there hasn't been an entry from me for a very long time. I'm very sorry for that, but I'm just enjoying my last few days of walking around in PJ pants. That's all. So there's really nothing exciting to see. Just PJ pants, a longsleeve and that's it.

I still haven't started my new project yet because I'm too lazy to buy new paint (before you judge, I do have to cycle 50 minutes for one tube of paint. And yes, as I said, I'm enjoying my last few days of lazyness).

I have however finished my book, sent my package to Sofie (should be delivired today), watched movies and done nothing. So that's more than I usually can cross off my to-do list. To-do lists are in my case more "what I should do lists".

Now I'm very busy deciding which haircut I like best (because I really do have to get my hair cut!), and editing some photos because I need to have finished them next week.

Here are the options:

Haircut #1:

Haircut #2:

I came to the conclusion that I can't choose. So please help me decide!

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  1. Hello my sweet Rachel,
    sorry for being slowly with everything this week. A bad cold has hit me... So I'm staying most of the time in bed, sleeping, reading, watching DVD's....

    Your package has arrived today!!!!!!


    I didn't unwrap everything because I want to photograph it all! Thanks for putting so much love in it! It has warmed my heart and mind so very much today!!! The photographs that you took are just AWESOME!! I'm not having any pictures on the walls here yet but I will get them framed and will find a pretty place for them!!! :-D It has felt like Christmas and birthday together! I'm pretty sure that I have never received such a lovely package before in my entire life.
    So thank you again and again, dearest Rachel!
    (I love even the package - Hoepels! hehe)
    Sending you a big kiss and a big hug, dear friend!! Enjoy the weekend in you PJ's - I will do the same ;)
    much love, sofie

  2. Die eerste vind ik heeeeeeeeeeel mooi! :o
    die tweede is ook heel leuk.
    Maar ik denk toch dat ik de eerste leuker vind...