Oooh and Aaahh.

I haven't really got a lot I'd like to tell you. My life just isn't all that exciting.
I just wanted to show off the boots.

This is when you go "oooh" and "aaaahhh" and start drooling.

Dress unknown from a sample sale, H&M tights, Bijenkorf boots.

Thanks to my puppy eyes, I convinced my dad that my friend and I should make our workspace from our attic. It's going to be really cool.
It's got beautiful lighting, one large table for our sewing machines, mannequins, notice boards on the wall to pin inspiration to, and a clothing rack to hang the finished clothes. Oh, and some storage space, but there should be plenty.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Jaa ik raad hem zeker aan, ik vind het echt een hele grote verschil met de standaardlens die erbij zat!

    Je laarzen vind ik echt prachtig. Binnenkort eens maar bij de Bijenkorf kijken, hoe duur waren ze?

  2. AMAZING HEADER! Ah I love it <3 Anw, I love your boots.


  3. Hey sweetie!
    How are you and how was your week?
    I love your outfit, you're looking so beautiful - the colour is just adorable on you! The boots are phantastic!! Hehe, thanks to your puppy eyes??? You're crazy! :-D
    Sending you a big kiss and a hug and I'm wishing you, your dad and your friend a wonderful weekend!!
    much love, sofie