I'm not even going to start apologizing. I have the right to live my life, right? I thought so too. And it really isn't my fault it has been so rainy and hectic. That's just the way it is.

In the mean time I did some shopping. I haven't taken photos of all the new buys yet, but here are some, starting with a great Cora Kemperman vest:

Cora Kemperman vest, H&M top, H&M jeans

As you can see it's very versatile! And well, I love versatile stuff.
The next thing I bought is also Cora Kemperman. May I present to you: The great Cora Kemperman blouse!

I haven't taken an "on" photo yet. Sorry about that, but I was too lazy. And it was too cold to take off my cozy sweater.

And last, but definately not least: A vivienne westwood blouse! It looks really great when wearing. It's really tight around the hips and waist and on top it's very baggy which gives a great effect. And again, no photo of me wearing it for the same reason as said above.

Aren't you jealous of me? Well, I would be too!

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